He's Hollywood's golden boy. Valentino Shoes She's the femme fatale with a deep humanitarian streak. Together, they're a superhuman, impossibly good-looking, and accomplished couple who seem straight off of Mount Olympus. Now, they're Mr. and Mrs.

Though one never really needs an excuse to gaze upon the beauty that is Brangelina, their top-secret wedding in France last weekend seems like a good reason to refresh our memories. Oh, yes. There they are. So glorious. So talented. So absolutely Valentino Shoes Sale in love. So jealous we didn't get an invite.

Raise a glass of bubbly, hug the nearest orphan, and say a toast to Valentino Rockstud Shoes these amazing newlyweds as you peruse some of their cutest couple photos. (To be fair, these two don't really take a bad shot.